Links page. The following are some links to current business partners and companies we deal with on a regular basis. It is not complete, so if you wish to be included please email me with a logo and your current website address. Note that the companies are listed in alphabetic order.

Arconic logo

Arconic is the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina.

Aberlink logo

Aberlink - masters of 3d measurement.

ASE logo

System integrators for the control and automation industry and certified integration partners for USDATA's FactoryLink ECS system.

Daval Logo

Probably the best suppliers of bespoke electrical control panels used for MCC and PLC systems in various industries including robotic manufacturing cells.

DNC Electronics logo

CNC board repair (drives, power supplies, monitors, I/O, motherboards... you get the picture).

Garnham Switchgear Ltd Garnham Switchgear Ltd

Electrical control engineering specialists, formally Switchgear International Ltd.

MRControl logo

A fine software house for the control and automation industry.

Schneider Electric logo

Supply, design and implementation of automated products and services.

SKE Solutions

Filtration and storage specialists and agents for products once supplied by Atkins Fulford.

Affinity Water logo

Water supply & engineering services. They used to be called Tendring Hundred Water Services.

Wiltshire Family Photos Wiltshire Family Photos

Wiltshire Family Photo Album.

Simeon Wiltshire & Family Wiltshire Family Tree

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Peter Townsend

Ron Davies

Wiltshire Family Tree DNA

Townsend Family Tree DNA

Wiltshire Surname Distribution in USA